DAILY GUIDE DEVOTIONAL: Give Thanks To The Lord For He is Good


Text: Psalms 107:1-22

O that men will praise the lord O that men will praise the lord For His goodness and for his wonderful love To the children of men To the children of men He has broken the gates of brass and cut the bars of iron asunder he has broken the Gates of brass and cut the bars of iron asunder (Psalms 107:15-16: a song)

Men ought to praise the lord always. It is expected. It is right and fitting. The psalmist calls us this morning to give thanks to the lord because of his unfailing mercy which endures forever. The redeemed are especially mentioned because they have received a more wondrous redemption and salvation; deliverance from the powers of hell and hades. The lord has gathered men and women from all ages irrespective of their locations and made them a people of his kingdom (verse 3)

If we are sincere, we can always find reason to give thanks to God no matter the present situation or circumstances. This should be heartfelt sincere praise, even when we are facing difficulties. His deliverance of Israel as outlined from verses 3-16 can be likened to our deliverance from the bonds and shackles of Satan. He held us in bondages of sin, spiritual slavery, sickness, diseases, set backs and all manner of afflictions. When Jesus appeared in our lives he broke the iron bars around us and set us free. Alleluia!

O that men would praise the lord for his goodness and for his wonderful works to the children of men. This is the desire of the psalmist. God delivers us from all manner of affliction. He sent his word, his son Jesus and healed all our disease; spiritual and physical. What a joy that comes to the heart of a believer when he knows that he is a redeemed child of God, no longer bound by any bondages, but free and liberated to live the above life in the light. It gladdens the heart. May we be satisfied in the lord. May we recount all of his goodness always to keep us in remembrance of his unfailing mercies and constant love because we sometimes forget. When we are weighed down with uncertainties, let us remember that our Redeemer lives and that his mercy over us is eternal. He will never let us break under the weight, he will never let us down. Amen!

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