Text: 1Kings 7:13-51

The bible passage today is full of amazing details of the furnishings and decorations of the temple. It highlights the craftsmanship of Hiram, a tyrian by birth whose mother is a Jewish widow. This man’s talent is worthy of note especially for the youths. There are many innate skills and talents that God has blessed us with as individuals. Some of these skills run in the family. Youths should do well to learn a trade on any area they are talented. The book of Proverbs says that a man’s gifts opens ways for him and will make him stand before Kings. Its very obvious here that this man, Hiram was not of a glorious pedigree, but his skills made him to be sought after and eventually  got him standing before great men. This is important especially in our country Nigeria where we cannot continue to depend on government for jobs. Youths must seek establish themselves in their own independent enterprises even after graduating from the university.

Another important aspect of today’s reading is the attention Solomon paid to every single detail of the temple’s furnishing and the great wealth he expended without measure. He gave God his best as much as his heart could conceive. We can only imbibe this attitude when we value God above every other thing. If we make our God small in the eyes of people by the way we worship, serve, appreciate and sacrifice for him, then we only belittle him in the eyes of the world and also make him unattractive. 

Proverbs 24:3-4 

It takes wisdom to build  a house and understanding to set it on a firm foundation, it takes knowledge to furnish its room with fine and beautiful draperies (MSG).

Our lives, families, businesses marriages and above all our spiritual lives need building and furnishing. Solomon was elaborate in building the lord’s house. He paid attention to details and he used the best materials affordable. May we learn from him to only accept and use the best methods and standards acceptable to God in building our lives. God’s sufficient grace upon us all always. Amen!

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Clara Ify

Thank you Bamidele. I always appreciate your comments. Thanks for always reading. Blessings!

Marvvy official



👏👏👏 Clara Ify you are doing a great job..Nice write up.keep up the good work.🙇

Clara Ify

He sure did💪

Clara Ify

O yes beloved. Every part of our lives need building and furnishing.

Clara Ify

God bless you dear. More grace

Chukwu Godwin c.

Today i have decided giving God that best place in my heart after reading this , thanks so much 😍



He was able to furnish God's house neatly


Wow. This is very true. Every part of our lives needs building and furnishing.🙌


Wow. This is very true. Every part of our lives needs building and furnishing.🙌

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