Text: 1kings 3:16-28

Proverbs 4:7-” wisdom is the principal thing therefore get wisdom and in all thy getting get understanding “
James 1:5 ” If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him”
Asking begins with a sense of lack. It is when we realize that we do not have and that we have not the means to acquire what we need that is when we ask someone who has or who can help. Solomon’s desire was to rule God’s people In fairness and justice.  Righteousness exalts a nation. When there is equity and justice In a land, there is peace and progress is fostered. Solomon knew this and he asked God for wisdom. Having asked, he received. In Matthew 7:7, bible tells us to ask that we shall receive, to seek that we shall find and to knock, that the door will be opened for us. For everyone who asks receives, anyone who seeks finds and yo all who knock the door shall be opened. This is God’s  word. Its undisputable, but we hardly believe to be true.
The story shared in this bible narrative is one of the most classical stories of the bible. Two women, harlots needed justice… What does this tell us? Sin is as old as man himself, even back in those days, there were prostitutes, so we cannot claim that our own dispensation is the worst and therefore we cannot control…all we need is to stick to our decision to stay away from sin. Now, despite the low status of these two women, they had access  to the king himself. He took time despite his busy schedule to listen to each of these women and then administered justice through divine wisdom. Is this possible in our societies today?
We need wisdom as individuals. National leaders need wisdom as do community and church leaders. Unfortunately, when we choose these leaders we usually care only about their CVs and histories or how much they can give us. No leadership can guarantee growth, development, peace, progress and justice in any sphere unless they are divinely gifted with wisdom from above. And no man can have this godly wisdom except he is united to the living saviour who is himself the wisdom of God.
As we worship God today may we pray for his wisdom for it is not in man who walks to even direct his own steps. We cannot so without him. He gives without up braiding. You only need to realize your poverty in this area and ask him. To any who comes to him, he promised, he shall by no means cast him away. Let us approach him with confidence and ask boldly, he will surely do as he promised.
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Clara Ify

Thank you so much Saeed. I really appreciate your comment and your recommendations too. God bless you richly. Amen. Yes I will definitely visit your blog


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