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Text: Psalms 107:23-43

The psalmist continues his call on Israel and  on us to survey the goodness of God and  give him praise for his faithfulness. In verses 23-30 he described the dangers faced by sea merchants in their business endeavours which can be likened to the risks we face in our daily businesses. The towering sea storms had the sea farers bewildered in fear. They almost gave up in fright. In their distress, they cry out to God who responds and calms the troubled sea. If we can’t find any other reason to praise God, may we recount his presence that always surround us in our places of work. 

There are traitors and witch hunters who set all sorts of traps for us at work. There are the back biters who speak bad of you to your employers just to get you into trouble. What about the people who set you up with allegations? All these are certain perils and dilemmas we face, yet God in his mercy delivers us from them all. We should be thankful and raise our voices in praise in the midst of fellow worshipers. We must not let God’s glory be ascribed to mere opportunities and chance.  God is deliberate in working for us, so we must be intentional about thanking him

Verses 33-38 is another heart warming message. He turns situations around. He turns rivers into a wilderness and water springs into dry land. Have you seen an occultist who prospered in his time with ritual wealth. Mark that man and observe his estate after he is gone. It is full of rubbles and emptiness. God brings them down because of their wickedness. The righteous who place their trust in the lord and are poor in the spirit are lifted and firmly established. David testified, “ I have been young and now I’m old, yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken nor his children begging for bread” 

Are you a righteous man or woman? Hold on to your righteousness and wait. The lord says in verse 35-42 that he turns the wilderness into standing water and dry ground into water springs. He makes the hungry to dwell there to prepare a city for habitation. They will multiply greatly. When the evil princes will make them diminish because of oppression, the lord will  rebuke them  and pour out his contempt on them. The righteous shall see it and rejoice. God’s loving kindness and compassion are new every morning. Fresh everyday for those who trust in him. Let us be reminded of this daily and make it a habit to always be thankful to God. 

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Prayer: Father, your faithfulness is way beyond our imaginations. Give us grace through your son Jesus to always be calm no matter the situation and trust completely in you. May we also have a thankful heart that appreciates you for every kindness and favour great or small Amen!

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