To be born again means to have a new nature. Jesus demands that for a man to enter the kingdom of heaven, he must be born again. This is the standard for everybody.
To be born again, person must be reborn in his spirit.  Any living thing coming into existence receives life from another organism. A man is made up of a spirit, a soul and a body . Genesis 1:26-30Genesis 2:7. When God created man out of sand, he breathed his spirit life into the structured sand, when the spirit met the body a brand new entity was formed called soul.
In Genesis 3 something happened which changed the nature and cause of man (Romans 5:12-21) The original creations of God; Adam and his wife fell into the error of disobedience. Obedience was a major determinant of their continued perfect existence. Sadly, their perfection got corrupted and they fell short.
It was in this state of imperfection that man began to carry out the mandate to reproduce. Every person born afterwards was imperfect. God did not like this. He set a plan B in  motion. He intended to make everything good again by giving man a chance to be restored to his perfect estate. This time,  it becomes a matter of choice for man. Man must choose whether he wants to be made whole or not. In John 3:16 Jesus set forth the standard for everyone: YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN!
God created another son in the similitude of Adam, called in the person of Jesus Christ (1Corinthians 15: 45-47) God avoided the natural means of reproduction and gave his nature to a mass of flesh in a woman’s body so as to preserve the purity of the seed. (Luke 1:30-36.) Jesus was born without any blemish or natural impediments of sin, so that he could be worthy to pay the price of sin for man.
God had already promised in Genesis 3:15 about this coming of the second Adam. He would be an offspring or offshoot of the woman (the mother of all living) but would be a son of God. It is in him and through him that man’s fallen nature would be repealed. This issue became the center piece of the whole bible narrative. At the fullness of time, Jesus appeared on the scene of human history. His death on the cross offset the death judgement upon mankind.
In John 3:1-10, Jesus revealed something to Nicodemus.
I am telling you the truth,  no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again. A person is born physically of human parents, but he is born spiritually of the spirit
This simply means that the original nature we received from God, his spirit, died immediately sin was committed, God’s nature does not permit sinfulness.  Sin corrupted the pure, righteous spirit of God and it became a hybrid of Satanic and godly nature. This is an abomination to God for he cannot associate himself with anything impure. Hence he sought a way to redeem man and make him fit for his kingdom again. Jesus made it clear that man does not need improvement through Discipline or learning but a complete overhaul of his nature. He must put off that corrupt nature which is weak, wicked and deadly and willingly accept a new spirit from the last Adam; the life giver. This is the meaning of born again.
Some teachings have erroneously reduced this condition to mean accepting a certain dressing pattern  praying in a particular manner or joining a particular church. These assumptions are wrong. When you become born again, you become a new person. It would not be hidden or vague. It will be a very clear experience that is invisible yet tangible. Anyone associated with your old personality will know for a certainty that you are a brand new man after you’ve become born again because old things are definitely pass away in your life (2 Corinthians 5:17). Have you received this new life yet? It is the only means through which you can attain life eternal.
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Clara Ify



Oh Thank you Sweet JESUS.

Clara Ify

Remain blessed dear


I seriously thank God for this powerful message.

Clara Ify

Amen! Thanks and remain blessed

The Judge

A truly blessed article about how to be reborn in the spirit. I thank God for this.

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