On living with eternity in view with bro Gbile Akanni, today, we are looking at the nature of earthly things. If you are just joining  on this series,  I suggest you read up some earlier posts; Living for eternity, no choice, no change and Understanding eternity.
Looking at the way many people cling to the earth and the things in it, it is clear that there is something they seem to know about the earth that makes them hold onto it tenaciously. It’s also clear that there is something they haven’t understood about eternity which makes them not to rush for it. We need a proper understanding of both to be able to make a wise decision concerning the one we can pursue.
Consider these verses 1Corinthians 15:41-58  “there is one glory of the sun and another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars….now this i say brethren that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God; neither does corruption inherit incorruption” 
The passage above shows an elaborate comparison between earthly and heavenly things. Even though the glory of the heavenly things far outweighs that of the earth, the glory of the earth intimidates the believers to pursue it. The glory of the Earth is the force behind the prayer of many believers and the preaching of many servants of God. The devil has succeeded in charming many, making them his prisoners today. 
But take a look at the response of Jesus when Satan offered him the glory of the world, it is significant.  Matt 4:8-9, Jesus said “get there behind me Satan”. The devil was seeking to place the glory of this world in front of Jesus, but we can learn from Jesus to handle the world’s glory by putting it behind us. This is the only way our vision can be clear to behold the heavenly glory. The glory of the world is a fading glory. It does not last, 1John 2:15-17. 
The heavenly glory on the contrary has no end. It does not hang on the currencies of the world, Matt 6:19-21. Grace is better and more glorious than gold. The glory of prayer, the glory of depending on God, the glory of sharing in the image of Christ, the glory of an intimate relationship with God even here on earth far outweighs the blessings and glories of this world. Every glory of this earth is  corruptible but that which  is reserved for us in heaven has no expiry date. 
Further studies on this series will portray the glory of the heavens the way the Bible described it. But at this juncture I will ask you to pray. Many believers have been so hooked to the glory of the world that they are fast loosing out on the glory beyond here. Search your heart, where are you missing it? Prayerfully retrace your steps now and confess your shortcoming before the master. Tell him to guard your heart and grant you grace to put the glory of the world and all that Satan offers behind your back. 
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Clara Ify

Amen to your prayers brother. May God grant us grace to put the world behind us in Jesus name, Amen!

Chukwu Godwin c.

Yes I pray for Grace, thanks for this🙏

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