DAILY GUIDE DEVOTIONAL: Whom to obey,God or man

verse 25: so one came and  told them saying, look the men whom you put in prison are standing in the temple and teaching the people”
The men who were imprisoned  for preaching were set free only for them  to return to the temple and continued to preach and teach the word of God. This shows us the level of commitment they have. They are so connected to the master’s mandate that they wouldn’t even save their own lives but would rather stick out their necks. 
In verse 29 we heard the Crux of the matter .”..we ought to obey God than men”. When anyone is completely yielded to Christ, this is their response to life threats over their service to God. They would defy  every authority that stands as opposition to doing the will of God. Daniel and the three Hebrew boys did it in the land of Babylon. Esther defied the unchangeable decrees of the Medes and Persia. And God never let them down. 
What is our lesson? These men are flesh and blood like us. What did they see in Jesus that made them hate even their own lives? What did they see that they preferred to die than live without preaching the gospel? 
Today we clamour for eartly things.  We’re accustomed to earthly joys and glories. WE are so burdened about what to eat and drink, what to wear and where to live. These are our controlling forces. These are what determines our priorities. How much time do we give to the kingdom business. 
WE are not even living under any threats, yet we have neglected morning cry. Street corner preaching is obsolete now. Market preaching is a forgotten issue. We are too scared to preach on Facebook and internet.  Our Instagram pages are for beautiful pictures. How can we preach on Twitter? “No; people will not appreciate it” “I am not qualified” “I don’t know bible that much”. 
There are a million excuses, but you call yourself a born again. I am sorry to announce to you that what you have received is weak. When you get the real thing and you’re equipped with real fire, you cannot help becoming addicted to Jesus. And it takes only a good level of addiction to run mad for him. You dance radical for Jesus inside the church but become frigid when the name is abused on your streets. 
Wake up dear youth. The lord is waiting to hear you cry for endorsement. He wants to hear you cry for infilling. He wants to send you forth but you need to be ready. Our world is on the verge of collapse, only Christians occupying well in their post will bring God’s hand down for the much needed revival. Ensure to be a part of it. God bless you.
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We are praying for God’s grace.


God will help us d youth

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