Text: 2Samuel 8:1-18

Walking daily with God is what ensures and assures victory in our lives as believers. David the man after God’s heart experienced victory through and through because he was walking in tandem with God. This chapter enlightens us on all that David began  to do after his establishment as king over Judea and Israel. He did not only put his government in order, he went ahead to ensure maximum cooperation between all the working units. There was harmony. The cheretithes and Pelethites were set up as the legislature. The priests had their offices. The scribe had his office. The captain of the army was recognised. It was a well set up system and everything was running smoothly. What a beautiful set up. Just the way God wanted it. Everyone and everything were working according to their capacity. It wasn’t one man show. And David’s sons had their office as ministers. They do not go about Lording it over others ordemanding undue advantage. Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach. 

Having done his homework well and humbled himself under God’s mighty hand, God lifted David up by granting him victory wherever he went. What lesson is here for us today? As a nation we need to decentralize duties and leave it so. Democracy shouldn’t just be dejuré but defacto as well.  In our homes and offices as leaders we must be found blameless. This will ensure that we remain in God’s purpose and plan for our lives. 
Bringing David’s victory to our time, JESUS is the mighty conqueror who goes forth conquering and conquering. He said “if I am lifted up, I will draw all men to me”.  And when he was lifted up, “he took captivity captive and gave gifts to men.” He has also set up his church as his Force Base. He has given gifts to men so that each and everyone of us will occupy well in his own position. Pending the time he comes to establish the final victory over Satan. Our victory is not in us and can never be in us. It is rather in Jesus and faith we repose in Him  we are part of a whole each of us. To succeed in building the kingdom we need each other. Let us stop bickering, segregation and denomination mindset. Embrace the work of the master. Engage fully with your unique gifts and impact your sphere with God’s word in that manner  peculiar to you alone. When we have done so, we do not need to pray out our victory by fire by force, instead victory in all areas of life comes to us naturally. One secret that believers don’t know is that engaging in the master’s mandate which is preaching God’s word opens up all closed doors. Stop running from pillar to post, ministry to ministry. Engage in the work of soul winning and see how your Christian Life will take a new turn. May God bless you as you do. Amen.
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