Text: 2 Samuel 12:15-31
Hebrews 12;6 
For whom the lord loves he corrects and scourges every son whom he receives
Proverbs 3:12
For whom the lord loves he corrects even as a father the son in whom he delights
The passage shows us the heart of love the father has for us his children. He has a high expectation of us. But we often fail. When we fail him, he does not throw us away. Even in his grief he still finds a way to get us back to himself. As a father pities his children so also the lord pities us, and removes our transgressions far away from us. This should give us hope and courage to run back to God whenever we have sinned instead of running away from Him. He loves us and wants the best for us. He corrects us for our own good. 
David and Bathsheba’s lovechild was not to live. This is God’s foremost verdict over David’s sinful  relationship. His action already has given the enemies  of the lord an occasion to blaspheme (2Sam12:14) therefore God has to take necessary steps to shut up the gloating mouth of the enemy. His actions are usually far beyond our imaginations because he sees all and knows all.
When we come to God, he makes us a part of his family as his adopted children. We’ve become heirs of the promises in Christ. Satan is always looking for ways to discredit us of that goodly estate. As the children he has accepted, cherished and loved we also merit his Discipline as a father. This Discipline or correction takes any form that God decides. It is expected of us to accept it in good faith and count it as joy. Correction from God shows that we are, indeed, a part of his family.
Note David’s action, after, his confession and repentance, he sought for God’s mercy. Even though the verdict has been given, he still held on to God in prayer and fasting hoping that God would change his mind. When God did not change, he still accepted God’s decision about the child’s death. Prayer should 
be the hallmark of every true believer whatever the 
situation. God may forgive our sins after  we’ve confessed and repented of them, but the scars of sin is indelible. The best thing to do is  to stay away from sin. 
Endeavour to be proactive against sin instead of falling into it and bearing all the attendant repercussions. May God grant us grace to remain united to our living saviour, Jesus Christ, so that sin  will not take us unawares. 
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The Judge

I see godly discipline as a chance to prevent unwanted sins and mistakes in our life

Dynamic lifestyle

God discipline because His loves us. Thank you for this.

Dynamic lifestyle

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Clara Ify

God bless you dear


Thanks for this

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