Text: 2 Samuel 12:1-14

Romans 6:23 “the wages of sin is death” 
Ezekiel 18:4″the soul that sinneth it shall die”
Sin is palatable to the taste buds of the flesh. It is what the flesh is conversant with. It is comparable to sugar. Sugar is sweet but it kills like poison. Sin is also like poison, the thing that kills in every poison is usually well concealed in a sugary food. When you set trap for a rat, you use fish and other delicacies that will attract the rat, well mixed with the poison. The rat eats and enjoys but within a short while it gets weak and eventually dies. Its best for us to view sin in this manner. Sin is a mocker a sinker and a killer. It mocked David and reduced him to shame before his subjects, it sank him from his throne to a fugitive and would have killed him if not for the mercies of God.  
We do not need to look far to see the devastating effects of sin. JESUS has delivered us from a certain fearful judgement by dying the death that was meant for us. From eternity past it was scheduled that the only punishment due for sin is death; eternal separation from God. And we know that everything that has breath got it’s life from God. But God is holy and will not associate with anything unholy. So even though he has given us a part of himself, he would have nothing to do with any of such part which got polluted. So that  his purity will not be tainted. He is of a purer eye than to behold iniquity. When we are cut off from the source of life, God, then we’re simply going to die because we are not life carriers. We only received the life that we have from God. 
For this reason God sent JESUS. For this reason Jesus died. That man will not have to die anymore. If sin was not so terrible, God wouldn’t have gone as far as giving up his only son to ensure that sin is eradicated. He has done everything possible to checkmate sin. He paid the wages through his son’s death. He rendered the power of sin null and void and gave out his spirit through Jesus to indwell us so that the power of sin will have its match in the power of the holy spirit resident in us. We are not helpless against sin anymore. Sin definitely crouches at our door moment by moment but we have received a resident power that is greater than sin’s lures. All that is required of us is to keep this power alive, invigorated and active by remaining in union with the source of this power JESUS. And the only way to remain united with him is  to constantly fellowship with him. 
David’s story is a classical example for all believers that Outside a close and intimate relationship with God we can do nothing. The sin began by negligence of a crucial point of vulnerability in his life. At an unguarded moment it came to fore. Being separated from the source of life, the flesh was made stronger and the power of sin overcame his strong resolves to obey God. In a twinkle of an eye, all the laws and commandments fizzled away and all his faculties could understand was the satisfaction of a fleshly urge. Having done the deed, he remembers God again, but now is more interested in hiding his sin from the eyes of men. This led to more sin until he reached a point  of no return. We must keep watch and pray that we may not fall into temptation. 
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Clara Ify

Amen! Bless you dear


This is awesome and I like it, may God help us

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