Text:1 Kings 1:41-53

Our people have a saying that when you begin to go ahead of your God, you will get tired of running. Adonijah started on something he could not finish. He had taken counsel with himself, left God out of all his plans and relied on men. At the end he paid. His so called friends and allies scampered, he was humiliated and his life was no longer his own. 
Many times humans do a lot of things on presumption. We speculate and focus only on the profit without considering possible dangers or flaws of our plan.  For unbelievers, what the young man did is an accepted practice but for children of God we are required to trust the lord with all our hearts and lean not on our own understanding, we should acknowledge him in all our ways and he will direct our paths (Proverbs 3:5)
 We cannot go about fighting for our rights without asking God first, then turn around to start praying fire down on our enemies when God did not actually send us on that course. Even in what is rightfully ours we  need to consult with God for directions, if we truly have surrendered to him as lord and master.
Solomon became king as the Lord wishes. The lord who does not forget to reward the righteous through this man Solomon immortalized the name of Uriah in the lineage of the seed JESUS. Scriptures always referred to him as the one born of Bathsheba who had been Uriah’s wife. And he began to walk in the ways of his father, showing mercy.  Time shall tell if Adonijah was actually repentant. 
Any believer who finds himself in a political position must remember his roots. Many are lured into embezzlement of public funds by the demands of callous colleagues but when the crime is in the open, the culprit is left standing alone. Do not eat what belongs to the devil because he does not give anything for free. God bless you.
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