Text: 2Samuel 11: 14-27

The narrative of this text got me weeping for David, for Uriah, for myself and for all of us. I prayed and wished that the period of waiting for perfection of the children of God would be over soon. That we may no longer have to contend with this weak flesh; so easily beguiled and over powered. David sinned and went on sinning until he became hardened. How could a man who is known for his kind heart grow so wicked as to murder a man in cold blood? This is the result of the deceitfulness of sin. The longer we delay to repent of our sins and confess them, the more we feel that it does not matter. 
In John 15:4  Jesus says remain united with me and I in you so that you can bear fruit, cut away from me you can do nothing”. When we begin to stay away from God for any reason whether intentionally, unintentionally, ignorantly or otherwise. The end result is that we get alienated from God. This results in spiritual insensitivity and death. Jesus said the words that I speak to you they are spirit and they are life. If we are not abiding in God through studying the word and praying we begin to dry up spiritually. We cast our hearts on the things that please our flesh.  When the spirit is weak, the flesh is made strong. Only a constant, consistent and uninterrupted communion with God can keep a man of God wholly committed to God at all times.

Beware of leaving your altar filled with ashes. Beware of  neglecting your closet life. Do not allow  your prayer journal and Bibles to  gather dust.  Always find joy in bible reading and study. Do not neglect the fellowship of the brethren. If you’re found wanting in these spiritual Disciplines, Then you are simply toying with your salvation for Satan will quickly snatch 
whatever you may have and plunge you into destruction.
God does not tempt anyone but we are tempted when we are drawn away by our own evil desires (James 1:13-15) Devil may  also receive permission to sift us (as in the case of Job and Peter) Most times when this request is granted the devil believers hardly come out unscathed. Only the one closely united with the living saviour can be kept safe in such trying time because Satan finds our most vulnerable point as entry points for temptation.
No one is above failure is the major lesson here. Remember  Hebrews 6:6-8 and avoid crucifying Jesus a second time. We overcome only by the blood of the lamb and the word of testimony.  Remain united to the vine daily by feeding on the word. Be careful to avoid sin because one sin usually leads to another. May we learn to keep a close eye on our inner relationship 
with God. This is what ensures our daily victorious Christian living.
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