DAILY GUIDE DEVOTIONAL: God keeps His Covenant

Text: Psalms 105:1-25

Verse 8: “He remembers His covenant forever; the word which He commanded for a thousand generations” 

The Psalm reminds  us of God’s faithfulness. He is a God who is unchanging. He is ageless therefore there is no question of inconsistencies. When he makes a promise, he watches over it to bring it forth. All of scriptures direct our attention to this unique attribute of God. When Abraham was still a stranger in the land, the promise was made to him. This psalm takes us through a summary of how God worked this purpose out throughout the subsequent generations, from Abraham to Isaac, Jacob and the children of Israel. The theme is still on even now. We are sojourners and  God is taking us to a destination of permanent abode.  
The psalm calls us to give thanks to the Lord and make known his deeds to the nations. To talk about his wondrous works and give glory to his name (v2)
Remembering God’s goodness in times past helps to keep us focused on God and what he is capable of doing instead of focusing on our problems and shortcomings. The most important deed we must declare to the nations is the good news about the kingdom of heaven. Everything that God did for the Israelites was just a shadow of what he’s going to do in the future for the redeemed. He’s brought us out of the horrible pit of slavery to Satan and sin and established us in grace to await the fulfilment of all things. We must not cease to remember where we’ve been delivered from and diligently tell everyone we meet about this wondrous promise that has been given to anyone who will come to Jesus.
Verse 4 reminds us to keep seeking his face. 

“Seek the lord and his strength, seek his face evermore”

Jesus advises us in Jn 15:4 to remain in him if we wish to bear fruit. As we continue to seek his face through quiet time, fellowships, bible study, preaching the 
word and living in total obedience to his commandment of love we continually get conformed to his own image and likeness. Then is the saying accomplished; “you will seek me and find me when you seek me with all thine heart” 
Finally, touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm is a favourite bible verse for all of us. May we be reminded that we must have to be operating in the office of the anointed and as a prophet before we go forth and lay hold on those promises. There are two sides to every promise. May we be encouraged by this lesson to know that even if God’s promise tarries, he will surely make it good.
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