Text:2 Samuel 13:1-22

Lust is a strong desire to be intimate with the opposite sex. It is usually the prelude to all kinds of sexual immorality. It could be said to be a natural feeling that is left uncontrolled. It is normal that when a child is developing, certain body changes will occur which  makes him more aware of his sensuality. Many adolescents and young adults are not taught self control at the right time. Some confide in the wrong people or their peers who advise them wrongly. Before long they begin to explore various ways of satisfying their emotions without any regard to God’s word concerning sex. 
In this text, we can see how lust has become a generational problem in the lineage of David. Parents who have embraced God should not only repent of their innate vulnerabilities, but also carefully watch  over their children for any such traits so that they can guide the children aright and prayerfully help them to steer clear of such natural impediments. Amnon is the first son of David. The one likely to ascend the throne. But we could see from this bible narrative how he committed rape and incest against his sister. The same uncontrolled urge that brought God’s wrath upon David, also brought a disgrace and attendant multiple evil upon his children. No one can take fire into his bosom without getting burned. Lust burns like fire and can consume it’s victim if not checked. 
Women are usually at the receiving end of these atrocities. Tamar was not only raped, her most precious thing was taken from her by force and then she was despised and shamed afterwards. The world we live in is becoming increasingly dangerous especially for the female folk. Careful steps must be taken by all concerned; family, communities, churches and the government, to protect the safety of women. Churches must uphold and emphasize on modesty in dressing as the biblical standard.
The only way to overcome any sinful behaviour is to run to Jesus who alone has overcome the power of sin and death. He is that bronze serpent that hung on the tree upon which all who were beaten by the snake should look and live (Numbers 21:9) Sin has no dominion over a believer in Christ. Jesus has paid all the price of sin. He has defeated sin and it’s power and made a public spectacle of them on the cross (Colossians 2:15) When you accept him as lord and savior he gives you the power to be a child of God(John 1:12) This power places you ahead of the power of sin. Embrace Jesus today for deliverance. If you have already,  then cry to him in prayer for a circumcision and cutting away of the offensive overflow of sin in your life. Look upon the cross and live.
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The Judge

The truth of lust in this article speaks the truth.


Thanks for the write up…
“Lust birth sin”.

Clara Ify

Amen! Amen!!

Dynamic lifestyle

Lust has brought down many strong and great men and women. May God delivery His own.

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