Text:Acts 4:32-5:11

This bible narrative examines the early apostles manner of fellowship. It’s distinctive attributes and manner of operation. Just as God laid down his magnificent Acts before the Israelites after he made them the first Church, he also showed his marvelous power for the present church to understand how they are expected to conduct their affairs. This young church dwell together in love and communalism. They supported each other in prayers, in finance and otherwise. The church was a growing community. There was every need that they stayed together to withstand the outside influence both physically and spiritually.  This is why every new convert must join a church or fellowship where Jesus is being preached so that he will have a support system. Unfortunately, Satan will always try to infiltrate the beautiful design of God. 
The similar issues of  Achan in the old testament, we Dathan and Abiram, the two sons of Aaron who offered strange fire to the lord, Miriam, Moses sister and all Israelites who fell for worshipping idols or for committing sexual immorality are worthy of note.  In Numbers 16:9 the lord asked if it were a small thing that he had drawn them closer to himself. God expects certain conducts among his children whom he has set apart from the world. We are not to live like the world around us in lying hypocrisies or copying worldly  methods. We are rather to imbibe righteousness and blamelessness in our day to day living. This will show the world around us that we are distinct.
Ananias and Saphirra obviously were not born again. They depended on their own intellect to live a life that is born out of spiritual renewal. Barnabas sold his land and brought in the full amount for the upkeep of the church. He must have been commended by the apostles. This couple therefore felt the need to be recognised also. Sadly, they played into the hands of the enemy by accepting to lie about the proceeds of their sales. Eventually, they died. This is the result we get by living a life of competition. Even in churches today people still give offerings, pledges and donations out of necessity to save their faces. And This is also the reason cajoling and other similar gimmicks by pastors for people to give beyond their capability still work. People give to inflate their ego and not necessarily to please the lord. 
May we all learn today that our major concern in everything we do as believers should be to please God and not man. It is God who knows our pockets. He knows whether we are giving our very last even when we give the least. He also knows whether we are giving a very tiny portion when we have given our millions. Remember that he commended the woman who gave only two coins. He knew it was her very last even when it was the least of all the offering. Our love is usually tested when we give not because we have but we give because we care. May God grant us wisdom in this area, through Christ Jesus, Amen!
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