AWAKE THE DAWN With Ada: Only You Jesus

This morning Lord, we choose to look away from our short comings, failures of the past, heartaches, disappointments and pains. We’ll rather focus on who you are, what you’ve done and what you can do. 
The world will always tell us how incapable we are but we know we can do all things, not through our own power but, through JESUS who gives us strength. We may fail but you never fail. We may get weak but you never get tired. The world may hate us but your love for us is eternal. You change not. You never get old. You are constant. You are able, you are capable and You are unchanging. 
We return all glory to you Lord for preserving our lives all through the month of June. Covid 19 got nothing on us. We’re witnesses to your excellent love  and power. You conquered every adversary and established our going.  

So lord, we return all praise to you. We join Ada Ehi Moses to say that what remains to be done is still in your hands. In Luke 1:37 the word says that with God nothing shall be impossible. And we declare it again Lord; we have you, therefore, we are unstoppable. 
Thank you for being always there for us. Please set July in order for us individually and collectively.  Take  charge over our   communities and nations and let your power reign continually Amen!
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