MARRIAGE: Having your life long Journey God’s way


Mathew 19:6 “So they are no longer two but one flesh, therefore, what  God has joined together, let no man separate “

When we speak of marriage , words like commitment and hard work don’t exactly ring a bell. We usually think that love should be easy.. Well, the truth is that relationships that stand the test of time take a little effort and work. In fact, it is the little things couples do for each other that God uses to enrich marriage.

Christian marriage vows include the phrase, “Till death do us part” Unfortunately, these words have become something of a ceremonial cliché rather than a statement of deep commitment to God and another human being. The above text should intimate us on God’s intention concerning marriage. It is a permanent union for as long as life shall last. Sadly, even the modern day Christian has welcome divorce as the best way to settle scores. This should not be, for even in the beginning it was not so.

In the business world, contracts are much more formal, crafted with highly detailed legal jargon. Whatever form these commitments take, the purpose has always been to offer protection, not when everything is running smoothly, but when things fall apart.

Commitment is perhaps no more important in all other aspects of life  than when it comes to marriage. It provides strength and stability when a relationship encounters challenges. Unfortunately, many couples take an opposite approach when things turn sour – they run, rather than digging in their heels when commitment requires it the most.

Marriage relationships can encounter serious difficulties that are not easily resolved. But with the highest rate of divorce world over presently, it’s evident that our society rushes too quickly toward marriage breakup instead of diligently working to restore a relationship back to health.

Commitment is foundational to surviving conflict. It enables us to focus on honoring God and doing his will rather than seeking to have  our own way in everything. It serves as the fuel for couples to work through their struggles with persistence and determination. The next time you find yourself in a heated disagreement with your spouse, commit to drawing closer together instead of running away…

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