Living for eternity with Bro Gbile Akanni: Everlasting No End

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Luke 16:19-31

Mark 9:43-50

The Lord Jesus Christ does not want to leave anyone in doubt concerning what eternity is all about. He said quiet emphatically that it is better for you to enter into life maimed, than having two hands to go into hell, into the fire that never shall be quenched. 
Some people argue that fire was used figuratively. I don’t know what figure they mean. But the passage is quiet clear. It says “…into the fire that never shall be quenched”. When Jesus repeats something twice in a sentence, I think it would be wise to take note of it.
Why did Jesus talk about a worm? Do you know that worm in this world is the easiest thing you can kill? But as boneless and harmless as it is, in eternity it will never die. It can never be killed.
Jesus describes hell as a place where their fire is never quenched. Why is the fire never quenched? It is  because it cannot be quenched. Everything is  everlasting; beyond death. What is burning is not consumed and the fire, therefore, cannot stop. It keeps burning. In eternity you enter into your permanent state; a life without end. The brief time we spend here is just a stop over. But it is extremely important in our eternal placement. Each of your action here serves to either enhance or jeopardise your placement in eternity.
Living for eternity means living and labouring; making choices here on earth deliberately to receive eternal reward and not eternal punishment. The rich man in our text squandered everything and every choice on earthly living. He made no provision for a good place in eternity.
How about you? What plans are you making?Remember that  accross the bridge there is no change of heart. Your state of unrepentant heart can never change 

Forgive now in this space. Stop fornication and adultery. Stop  malice and bickering. Stop murder, fights, quarrels backbiting and indecency; embrace Christ wholly and be the best you can be here and hereafter…

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Thank you Jesus!

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