JESUS CELEBRITY: Celebrating Don Moen’s birthday

Don Moen is an American pastor, singer, song writer and gospel musician. Born on 29 June 1950, today marks his 70th birthday.
When I first listened to his song; “I just want to be where you are”; The lyrics of this song created in my young soul a certain hunger for God’s presence. Since then I developed a special liking for his songs and his special ministry in the body of Christ.
Don Meon grew up in Minnesota,  but, today he is being celebrated world over. His songs have ministered to souls everywhere to the glory of God. For more than 34 years he has been actively involved in reaching out to every need of believers through his different renditions. Today on his Facebook page he still prayed:


Use me today, I know you can Lord, I surrender to your plan”

With over 100 songs and 34 albums to his credit, he has won several Dove Awards. According to popular ranking, his best work remains “God will make a way”. What is the lesson for us from his life? God can use anybody who is ready and available. Don Moen made himself available and God turned his ordinary gift into something extra ordinary. He can do it still for anyone who is willing and available.

PRAYER: father, we thank you for the life of your son Donald Moen. You have used his songs to bless your church in many ways. We pray for him today as he marks his 70th, may you increase him in strength. Bless him with good health and peace. May he finish well  and may he receive the crown of reserved for all that love you on the last day. We ask in Jesus name, Amen.
Sing along: I just want to be where you are
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