I WILL AWAKE THE DAWN: “You’re Beautiful”

David said in the Psalms that he will awaken the dawn with songs upon the harps and the lutes.

He meditates in the night time gazing at the skies, appreciating the wonders of God in creation. Then he awakens the dawn upon his musical instruments with praises unto Adonai.


Psalms 133:3 says:


from the rising of the sun to the going down of the same, the lord’s name is to be glorified… Let’s praise Adonai

I am yet to see that sight which is so terrifically beautiful as a heartfelt praise unto the king of kings and the Lord of Lords. Praising God is what the angels do from day to day…it is the only thing eternity will have us do forever. When we worship, strongholds crumble and situations give way…
Welcome with me to this platform,  EMMIT KONADU one of Africa’s best singers from Ghana,  as he ushers in the beauty of holiness in this glorious praise: 

You’re beautiful
Yes you’re
Everything you made
Tells me of who you are
You’re beautiful
Yes you’re
Its an honour lord
To bow and worship you

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Clara Ify

Amen and Amen
Thanks for coming

Chekwas Emeka

Waoooooo…that was very inspirational and soul lifting. God bless this vision and the bearer in Jesus name. Amen!

Clara Ify

Absolutely Awesome dear. Thanks for coming

Marvvy official


Clara Ify

Yeah😀 and of course you did welcome him. Thanks for coming!


Wow see how you intriguingly inserted the JOIN ME as I welcome part…I was almost thinking it’s a Q&A session..but this is nice! 👌

Clara Ify

You're beautiful lord
Yes you're!!
I can't get enough of you
You are my world
Thank you father
For the opportunity to
Worship you

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