Ahhh! At last…here I am. You may not understand why I exhaled and exclaimed like that…smiles…I am shedding tears, yes, but they are tears of joy. Its a most profound moment for me. Its actually real, I can’t believe it.  This is just so amazing.  Thank you JESUS. My chest is about to explode with joy. I can’t believe it, we actually did it! Its our blog! Everything JESUS. Just you and me finally…
We are just going be here every single moment of the day pouring into each other. I Can’t get enough of you Jesus.  You made this dream come true…I can’t believe you did, but you JUST DID!!!! Thank You JESUS I love you!
There were times when I gave up this dream. Moments when I just give it a vague thought and push it aside again…because I see no other way around the huge blockades that are surrounding me…no wonder you said you make everything beautiful in your time…thank you my well beloved. It will take eternity  for me to understand the way you work.
You made me cry just so you will dry my tears. You can’t give up any chance to pamper me Jesus. Was the blogging work going to take up the space meant for you? Could it be I was concentrating so much on  the how? and when? Ahh! Lord.. now I understand why you delayed it. You had to make me forget all about it because you cannot trade me for my services… 
But you know that I will forever be yours, don’t you?  No one and nothing can come in between us. Sin may slay me but it can never take me away from you…your love has made me indestructible. I am forever yours as you are forever mine. Thank you for making this dream come true.
So, from today, right here, beyond the reach of men, beyond every challenge, out of the reach of every oppression, far away from restrictions…I finally have a way through which I can do your will the way I have always…always wanted. No man will question, no rules would be broken, there will be no fear of judgements, no threats, no deadlines, no dilemmas, no shouting, no criticisms, no barriers, no queries…. O my! No nothing!!! 
It is just you and I. Alone at last to cherish and to hold from morning till evening, dawn to dusk, pouring into each other. No researches, no airs, no aids…just who we are and how we are…thank You Jesus I can’t love you less. You made this dream come true to bring glory to your name. 
Today you are birthed…love-so-amazing-in-Jesus-blogspot.com. to do the master’s will….whatever he may bid, that you must do. You must provide succour to hungry souls, healing to the weary and rest to the afflicted. Strangers will become family here and the kingdom of God will be established in their hearts. Every soul that visits this address will have the word of God become a lamp to their feet and a light to their path. Famished pilgrims will find it an oasis in the desert, and a source of continual refreshing as they make their journey in union with the living saviour.
And Lord, you know I can never get tired of praising you. From yesterday till forever; everyday your name is to be glorified on my lips. I will praise you my Adonai, my Elshaddai, my Ebenezer, the glory of my crown, the master of my universe. Since forever you have been turning the tables of my enemies against themselves…till eternity to come you’ll keep decorating me in luscious apparels. 
The stifled sigh of my soul at night times. The one who understands all my tears and has collected each of them in his bottle. My ruler, my world. Unbreakable breaker, unmovable mover….holy spirit I thank you *smiles* you are going to teach me how to write that language with symbols that men can understand…. Glory to your name forever! Ezem, I love you everyday!! Thank you JESUS!!!
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Clara Ify

Yes sis, nothing could be more gratifying. Thanks for joining us

Marvvy official

Forever the name of the lord is to be glorified🎉❤❤

Clara Ify

Thanks boss!! Thanks


Yasssss! Clara! Yassss! Let’s do this! 💪

Clara Ify

Its real lord! I can't still believe it

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