Text: Psalms 127:1-5

“Unless the lord builds a house
They labour in vain who build it
Unless the lord guards the city
The watchman stays awake in vain”
We all know this to be true, yet we’re used to struggling. Nature had made us get accustomed to the idea that it’s our efforts and hard work that bring us blessings. But in truth this is not so. It is the Lord that establishes a man. We may map out all of our plans and prospects, we may have wonderful blueprints of how to become successful in life  but if God is not in support they might all become wasted efforts.
The Psalmist wants us to understand that everything we have or may ever become is what God grants. For none can have anything unless it is granted to him from God. He cautions us that it is useless to worry. Worry shortens the life span and causes a lot of heart related, emotional and mental illnesses. It should not be mentioned among Christians. It is expected that we  should live as God directed trusting in his care and provision. He’s asked us in Matthew 6:33 to seek the kingdom of heaven first and every other thing will be added onto us. In Joshua 1:8 we’re also told that the secret to having a lasting success and an assured protection is in our constant study and application of God’s words. Anyone who ignores God’s laws but seems to be enjoying affluence may not have the peace  that attends children of God in their own  success. Verse 2 tells us that the Lord gives his beloved sleep. In the midst of his blessings, he’s rest assured  in the lord because he has nothing to fear.
Children are a heritage from the lord and fruit of the womb a blessing. This is because he is the one who makes procreation and reproduction possible. It is not by the arms of flesh lest anyone should boast. For some people who discriminate between male and female children the question is “which of them can you create or give a woman by your own power? Many women in Africa suffer in the hands of husbands and family members when they are not able to reproduce male children. This should not be so especially for a believer. 
Children are to be seen as God’s special gifts and so appreciated as such.  Their training and upbringing must be done with utmost care so as to bring them up in the fear of God. Parents that are blessed with children already know the joy of having their quiver full of them. Well raised children are a great source of strength and support to their parents especially when the parents are getting older. May GOD give us grace to learn how to rest on him for life, success and peace through Christ JESUS. Amen! 
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