DAILY GUIDE DEVOTIONAL:Abiding in Christ or antichrist

The Antichrist is one popular theme in Christian Doctrine which seems to be shrouded in a lot of confusion and mysteries.  Today’s study simplified it for the believer to understand. 
In Proverbs 22:20 – 21 the bible says “have I not written to you excellent things of counsels and  knowledge that I may make you know the certainty of the word of truth that you might answer words of truth to those who send to you”
God never has any intention of leaving his children confused over any doctrinal matter, therefore, he lays everything bare through the scriptures.
From verse 19-23 John carefully outlined what it means. The word Antichrist describes anyone who has rejected Christ as the messiah(v22). Anyone or religion that does not recognise Jesus as the saviour of the world through whom alone all mankind can be saved is an Antichrist. They have refused to accept what God has ordained about him and choose to remain in their sins. Many of such people parade themselves as Christian organizations but the truth remains that having rejected the Divine appointment, leadership and nature of Christ as saviour and God they can never be able to access the power he gives through his holy spirit. That power according to John 1:12 is the power that enables us to become children of God. 
As born again believers we know that there is a power we receive at the new birth which overcomes the inherent power of sin in us. But anyone who does not believe in Jesus as the one true God who took flesh and became man in order to redeem the man he created can never have access to that power. They continue to try on their own power to do good works.
This morning we must take the warning to heart. The manifestations of the Antichrist spirit is fast enveloping our world we must do the needful by spreading the Good news about Christ as God,  lord and saviour in every space and every sphere. So that many will hear and know the truth. More so that we who already  know should remain steadfast and never wavering. 
Thank you Jesus for not giving us only eternal life but also giving us of your spirit to teach us all things . Amen
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Clara Ify

Amen! Amen!!

Dynamic lifestyle

Let the Holy Spirit help us not to be deceive by evil. Amen🙏

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