DAILY GUIDE DEVOTIONAL: Overcoming the world

Text: 1John 5:1-12
0 How sweet the name of Jesus sounds in a believers ear, It soothes his sorrows, heals his wounds and drives away his fears…
God’s marvelous love continues to pour out on us each morning unprecedented blessings and revelations in his word. How we could read a particular verse of scripture and always come out with a whole new meaning and new set of insights and instructions is what thrills me most in the study of God’s word. I must stop here Lord and say thank you for giving us Jesus. It would have been an empty world without him.
“He who does not believe God has made him a liar because he did not believe what God has testified. And this is the testimony; that God has given us eternal life and this life is in his son, he who has the son has life, he who does not have the son of God does not have life” (vv10-12)
There is no other verse of the Bible where the summary of the condition necessary to enter into life is more definite than these particular verses. This is the defence of our claim that God has set forth JESUS as the only way to life. Nothing else anyone could do as per worshipping God or believing in a supernatural being that guarantee them life eternal. It is on record, by his spirit God revealed it to John,  it is written, when the books are opened at the end of the ages, it will still be written and everyone who ever lived will be judged based on what they did with this testimony of God.
May I ask you beloved; Has God given you eternal life? 
If you have the son; If you have accepted him as the God he is, the God made man he is, the blood of eternal salvation he is, the living water of God’s word that he is, the righteousness of God imputed onto man that he is and you are living and walking daily in the light of this acceptance, then you have eternal life. You also have the victory. You are an overvomer. For when you believe in what God says about Jesus he takes away the natural seed; he takes away the curse and gives you of the seed of the new Adam; the life giving spirit, Alleluia!! He makes you a child of God. The only one who overcomes sin, it’s lures, fascinations and powers is the one who has received this life. 
I have received this life and I’m extremely excited about it. It is real. It is possible. To live above sin? Jesus makes it possible. If you believe him then rejoice and seek to understand what it means to believe in him everyday. The more he reveals himself to you, the more you gaze at him in awesome wonder. Thank you father, your love is too great. May it suffice for now to just say THANK YOU!
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