DAILY GUIDE DEVOTIONAL: God’s Child or the Devils

Text: 1John 3:1-10
What a great assurance! It warms the heart to know that we are beloved children of God. This is the confidence of every born again believer. The feeling of kinship you have after you’ve come to Christ is so reassuring. There is this feeling of homecoming and being in a place where you are meant to be. This is how God intended it. When we repent of our sins and turn our backs to the devil. We are adopted into the family of God and welcomed into the fraternity of believers; heaven rejoices over our home coming. 
Thus vv1-2 could say what a marvelous love the father has shown to us that we may be called his children, yet it is not fully known what we are going to be at the revelation of Christ, but we do know that we shall be like him. This is our hope and confidence.
However, the most important aspect of this lesson is the way to remain in this state of kinship with Jesus. In verses 6-10, the effect of sin on our relationship is made clear. The presence of sin or not in our lives is what makes the difference. 
He who sins is of the devil(v8) whoever is born of God does not sin for the seed of God remains in him(v9) then verse 10 in this the children of God are made manifest whoever does not practice righteousness is not of God.
The dividing line is very clear. Christ was made manifest to take away our sins. (v5). This was the major theme of Christ’s work on earth. He appeared to take away sin once and for all time. 
So it follows that if we’ve been born of God and have been washed and cleansed by him, we have no connection with any manner of lawlessness again. Therefore, are you a believer but still finds pleasure in sin? Then, there is a question mark on your kinship with Jesus for everyone who is born of God does not continue in sin.
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Clara Ify

God bless you brother

Chukwu Godwin c.

Word !
Thanks so much for this❣️

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