Daily Guide Devotional: God is worthy of all Praise

Text: Psalms 115: 1-18

Glory to your name O lord for your mercies upon the sons of men. You made us, you created us and you equipped us for life. Out of your magnificence you gave us Jesus to destroy all works of darkness. Thank you that today we can stand tall and call you Jehovah our God. 
In times past our fathers worshipped idols made of hands; the weakness of man. They bow down to trees they have cut and used some of it as fuel. Clay they have gathered were moulded into an image an they fell down to it. But at the fullness of time it pleased you to send Jesus to open the way for us even gentiles. We cannot thank you enough. 
Verse 6-7

: They have ears but they do not hear, noses but they do not handle, feet they have but they do not walk…

 they are carried from place to place, yet men would drop them on the ground and fall down to worship them. They fight for their gods and feed their gods. In the contrary lord, you fight for us and you feed us. You commanded no man to touch us and do us no harm because we are your prophets.
Verse 1:

Not unto us, lord not unto us, but to your name give glory 

All glory is unto you and belongs to you forever. It is for your name’s sake that you will deliver and save us and keep going forth for us like a mighty  awesome warrior. Not because we deserve it, nor because we merit it but because it pleased you to adopt us as your own. For your name sake let the heathen and the unbelievers know that our God is God. 
Let the entire universe know that there is a God in heaven who sits upon the circle of the earth and his splendour is unmatchable. He is the one who is mightily awesome in holiness, he cannot be trifled with. He knows all things and sees all things and  he will never share his glory with any  god.
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God Almighty I give you my entire praise and worship, Lord you are worthy of my praise forever


Yasssss! 🙏

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