What could be said of all of Abner’s scheming? 
The answer is simply that God does what he will do at his own time. Man will continue to struggle endlessly until he allows what God has ordained to rule. Jesus told Paul in Acts 9:5, “it is hard for you to kick against the goads” whatever God has determined must surely come to pass. For God works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform. He has determined to establish David on the throne of Israel and he will surely accomplish his purpose. All the scheming and injustices against David by Saul and his followers could not thwart God’s plans
I pray that servants of God will learn this and stop to look around in fear whenever promises of God seem to tarry. May we always focus our minds rather on the one whose words are yes and Amen! At the right time, God turned around the tables and divinely intervened using the cause of a woman to create a rift between those standing in the way of his decision. Abner knows very well what God had declared concerning David. It was only his selfishness that made him to continue fighting the cause for Saul’s house. Seven years after the death of Saul he kept fighting a lost battle. All the men of war lost, the dwindling resources, social wealth, loss of confidence by the masses could not make Abner change his mind. But God knew where to catch him. His pride got wounded. His fights were for personal benefits. And now? it seems that Ishboshet will not accept all of his overbearing attitude without questions. Abner couldn’t take it; “Who dares to challenge him?”he had to do something to take his pound of flesh…
 Romans 8:28-29: “all things work for good to them that love the lord”. “And when a man’s way pleases the Lord he will make even his enemies to be at peace with him”. Again,_ God can use any situation to work out his purpose. Later we shall see Abner’s end. An habits. The cross of Jesus has broken every yoke of sin. Refuse to settle for less. there is freedom in the blood shed at calvary tree. Plunge in today for total cleansing and healing.  
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