Daily Guide devotional: David’s Prayer

Text: 2Samuel 7:18-28
Verse 1: then king David went into the tent of the Lords presence sat down and prayed…
Oh! What a sweet communion. To be known as you are known. To know that you are at home. What a joy to have an unfettered relationship. Knowing you lord is my one desire. Having my heart race towards you at every instance instead of anything or anyone else is where I want to be. 
Such joy that abide with a man who knows his way about with his God. David immediately went in and sat down before God. He did not call his father or mother or wife or even chidren to celebrate this wonderful testimony. He went right back into his closet first to return glory to God. To exhaust his praise at his feet. Lord grant me such humble heart of gratitude
Vs 20: what more can I say to you! You know  me your servant..
Such  submission O! How it gladdens my heart. “

Sovereign lord you know me right inside out, my weaknesses and strengths my fears and prejudices, my rising and falling…yet, it pleased you to bless me thus…” 

David could be likened to all of us. We all know that we are not perfect and can never be. His grace makes us who we are. His mercy ensures that our place in him is secured. We must realize this;  that it is not because we are good nor powerful nor holy nor prayerful, nor more zealous than others? No! We are but little worms but it pleased God to raise us up and sit us in the heavenly places as reigning kings with his son Jesus. The moment we loose sight of this dependence on him,  we are doomed.

V25…and now Lord fulfil for all times the promise you made about me and my descendants….

Praises and worship beget prayers and petitions. When he was done recounting the goodness of the Lord to his humble self, he opened his mouth for further request. May we learn that  God already know all that we need. He prefers to see a heart pouring with gratitude for what it has already received. Though he beseech us to come to him with our requests he wants to hear us say thank you more often. Thank you father for knowing us intimately and yet loving us just the way we are.
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Clara Ify

Amen! Amen!!


Glory To God.

Thank you Father for your MERCY. 🙌

Clara Ify

Amen and Amen dear one



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