DAILY GUIDE DEVOTIONAL: Beware of misconceptions and vengeance

Text: 2Samuel 3:22-39
Verse 33-34
“Should Abner die as a fool dies? Your hands were not bound, nor your feet put into fetters; as a man falls before wicked men, so you fell”
And so Abner died. Though a mighty warrior,he was tricked and killed. How are the mighty fallen! 
Eerything that played out here is the finger of God. The house of Saul is already rejected so also everything associated with it. God may not permit any unwholesome association between the two royal  houses. Although, Abner is seen to be working for peace, he is only an instrument in the hands of God to bring forth what (God)  had purposed. 
We cannot eat our cake and have it. Abner’s decision to defect to David was basically, a way of taking revenge on Ishboshet and also securing his own future in the company of David. God who sees beyond what man can see, however, allowed things to go the way they went…
Verse 39…

and I am weak today…


A man with a pure heart will always remain blameless. No matter the allegations and accusations wrongly hurled at him, God will exonerate him from all. 

David could not have imagined the kind of revenge his nephews Joab and Abishai took upon Abner; to murder a man in cold blood was a heinous crime. He wouldn’t know the depth of the vengeful spirit seated in them. Therefore, he was weak…
The heart is too deep and very treacherous no one can know it. We must never be found with such vengeful spirits as children of God for vengeance belongs to God alone no matter how grieved we may be. We must learn to trust his judgement. 

Finally wisdom is the principle thing. David
was a prime suspect in Abner’s murder but wisdom saved him. Through his conduct, the entire nation could see that he was innocent. Hence,  peace was fostered. May God grant us grace to learn from the attitude of David how to show humility and empathy no matter our high positions. Amen.
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