Daily Guide Devotional: A Message for all Ages

Text:1John 2:12-17

John was writing to believers of all ages and various experiences in the faith (vv12-14). The three categories: children, fathers and young men, could refer respectively to the newly born in Christ (sins forgiven), the more mature in the faith( have known Him who is from the beginning)  and the young but vibrant in the faith (have overcome the evil one). What three things are particularly noteworthy in the young men(v14b) How can these contribute to your daily victory? 

Notice the central message of the apostle(vv15-17)- “love not the world!” The believer is warned against the cravings and desires prevalent in the world. What are these cravings? Lust of the flesh- sensuality- giving heed to the inner desires to satisfy one’s flesh. 
Lust of the eye -materialism craving after material possession (1Tim6:9-10) and the pride of life- ostentation being obsessed with one’s status and achievements. These tendencies may stare you in the face today as Christians we just not allow ourselves to become affected by the evil attitude and behaviour of unbelievers among whom we live. Whatever you have here now will soon be gone.

Meditation: If you love me you will keep MY commandments

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