Daily Guide Devotional: A house for God but a throne for David

Text: 2 Samuel7:1-17
As I meditate on this passage, the words of this song by Nathaniel Bassey, kept ringing in my heart
You don’t need a man to be the God you are
But in your Mercy, you called us your own”
David displayed an unprecedented gesture towards God which endeared him more to God’s heart. The kind of humility in him is worthy of emulation. He has become established, enthroned as king, yet, he recognized the source of everything he has and seeks to do something in return. God had never asked any of his predecessors to build a house for him, neither did God ask him to build one. But we can see the heart of love in David. It’s a heart that seeks to give and not only to take. 
Surprisingly, God did not jump at this offer! He is not really lacking anything. A beautiful or grandiose mansion is not God’ s major concern. He would rather dwell in a Tabernacle. His tabernacle is our body; moving vehicles; temporary in nature too. We carry him with us wherever we go. That is where God prefers to dwell. We are but tabernacles and not mansions. We should endeavor to make our tabernacles presentable to God than build him temples with ill gotten wealth. 
Yet God would honour David for his offer to  build him a temple. God would establish him beyond human imagination. Look at verse 12 again: 

I will set up your seed after you who will come  from your body and I will establish his kingdom, he shall build a house for my name and I will establish his throne forever”

This seed in the interim was Solomon, but in the long run is Jesus the reigning king who was born in the flesh in the lineage of David and has the everlasting mandate to rule forever.so


Only those who allow God to rule in their Tabernacle today will God allow to reign with Jesus in the everlasting kingdom that he will soon establish. Do what you must, to avail yourself an opportunity in this kingdom.

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Clara Ify

Amen! He's sure to grant all the help we need


Precious HolySpirit, please help me. 🙏

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