Awake the dawn with Yray: Everything

When you have made the lord your portion and your inheritance in the land of the living, there’s a certain assurance and confidence that follow you all through life. This morning I’ll like us to join a young man whose life is a testimonial of God’s awesome goodness, faithfulness and steadfastness. 
When we sing, 
“The steadfastness of the lord
Never ceases, his faithfulness 
Never comes to an end…”
There are people who are our senior brothers in experiencing this. They have been there where  nothing else could have saved them except for God’ s wondrous faithfulness.
Kenneth Oghenewaivre Umukoro is a  friend turned brother to me. A lover of God’s word; Completely sold out to Christ.  A contemporary of Kefe Brahnama of blessed memory. Though presently well blessed and enviably placed in life, he will never forget his roots. 
He chose not to forget the goodness and faithfulness of God when the going was tough. 
Having lost his mum at a very tender age of six, he was left to the care of his sailor father, who as a result of work was always unavoidably absent throughout his formative years. Absence of parental guidance instead of pushing him into the streets rather pushed him right into the hands of God. He chose to serve God when his mates on the streets of Sapele chose the world. His choice, as with that of anyone that chooses Christ, was not easy.  But after he was tried and proved, it pleased the lord to elevate him and make him sit with Kings. 
Today he and his lovely wife Onome, despite their tight schedules are always looking for ways to give back to God what he has given them out of his magnificent love. 
Welcome with me my very own brother; I am Yray, Kenneth Umukoro as he renders his debut single this morning to the glory of God. Like he would always say;” Jesus is everything and everything is Jesus” I completely agree; what about you?
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Clara Ify

O blessed be his holy name.

Sandra U.C

Thank you Jesus for everything you've done

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