AWAKE THE DAWN With Frank Edwards: Sweet spirit Of God

This morning I’ll like us to reflect on the person of the holy spirit. The third person in the triune Godhead. He is the confidant of every believer. He keeps our secrets and also reveals to us the secret things of God. 
Jesus when talking about him to the disciples in John 14:26 said”but the helper (comforter, Advocate, intercessor, counsellor, strengthener) the holy Spirit, whom the father will send in my name( in my place to represent me and act on my behalf) he will teach you all things. And he will help you remember everything that I have told you. (AMP)
In Acts 19:1-2, Paul encountered a church in Ephesus where the believers were yet to receive the holy spirit and he asked them did you receive the holy spirit when you believed? Their answer was that they have never even heard about anything called the holy spirit. In verse 6″ when Paul placed his hands on them, the holy spirit came down on them and they spoke in tongues and prophesied.
May I ask you; have you being baptized with the holy spirit since you believed? Without this baptism of fire, your ministry as a believer will never be smooth and fruitful. As we join Frank Edwards and Nicole Mullen this morning to raise a worship to him, seek for this infilling that transforms you from an ordinary man to a supernatural being. Thank you sweet holy spirit for your divine presence.
Sweet spirit of God
Feel at home in me
I affirm that I love you
And I will love you forever
Holy spirit I’m you dwelling place
I see the world in the light of God
Because of you
(Repeat 3*)
Your word in my heart
Is a light into my path
Near to your voice
Is where I always find myself
Here is your place
Reserved for you the king of grace
Right in my heart O God 
Is where you belong
(Repeat Chorus)
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Clara Ify

Thank you holy spirit divine. Engage your people today lord. Amen!

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