AWAKE THE DAWN: Living waters with Rebecca Pfortmiller

Oh Glory!! Alleluia lord!!
You are the living water. The one who wets our parched tongues. You’re the oasis in the desert. This morning Lord, we can’t hold back. We’ve become so famished.  We faint with thirst. We cant go on like this…so removed from you. Father the  network is failing and fluctuating…the sap isn’t just flowing… Something seemed to have happened to the nodal junction….we  just need to be taken deeper. As the deer pants after the water Brooks so our soul long for you. 
Please come again in your freshness sweet holy spirit. Let us get drowned in you. It is only in you that we are useful…outside you we are empty like ordinary men….but you’ve called us to impact our world… You’ve made us extraordinary…performing below average is totally unacceptable. 

Sweet spirit of God come and fill this hole. Living water Let me drink of you. Holy spirit Let me drown in you. Take me deeper, drown me deeper..Living water, let me drink of you….energize and equip me lord for I am nothing without you…

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Clara Ify

It's all by his grace. Remain blessed beloved.

Clara Ify

All glory to our God
May God keep you continually refreshed

Clara Ify

Sweet Jesus…your sweetness is too deep

Dynamic lifestyle

Keep it up 👍

Dynamic lifestyle

I love the song.
Oh beautiful moment I'm having now with the Lord 🙏


Oh Sweet Jesus 🙌

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