AWAKE THE DAWN: Boundless love

Some times when I think upon the love of God and of his Christ upon mankind, it overwhelms me. Imagine how you feel when you first fall in love. The excitement and the joy at the very thought of the object of your love. 

Despite the beauty of this feeling, the love of man is fickle and often fades with time but God’s love which he translated to us through Jesus is totally indescribable. What manner of love is this that knows no boundaries. Not Even suffering and gruesome death could deter it. It is love so boundless, awesome, amazing and completely unimaginable.
Welcome with me the Women of faith as they awake the dawn with a picturesque description of this 
boundless love..
1 John 4:16 and we ourselves know and believe the love which God has for us. God is love and whosoever lives in love lives in union with God and God lives in union with them

Boundless love come carry me
To the place where at last I am free
Where I belong and you will be
Where all of you is all of me
Boundless love come carry me
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Clara Ify

Remain ever blessed dear


Oh such eternal love!

These videos bless me over and again! Thank you so much. Keep it up! 👏

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