AWAKE THE DAWN: As the deer panthest after the water brooks

Psalms 42:1

“As the deer panthest after the water  brooks so my soul longeth after thee”
This hymn written by Martin J.Nystrom has been rendered in many languages and contained  in many church hymnals. It is so picturesque of the longing of a true believer after the presence of the master especially when we have kept away from him for long either by negligence or outright disobedience. David cried out in Psalms 51 “restore to me, the joy of my salvation” this was his cry after the lord turned against him in the matter of Uriah’s wife. We must guard our relationship with Jesus so closely that we may never have to faint.
This morning, I’ll like us to reflect on the wordings of psalm 42 as we sing along. Christ is the object of our devotion. He is a friend and a brother that sticks so closely. He is our joy and the apple of our eyes. The source of our satisfaction. Every theory of human happiness is defective and incomplete without Jesus. May we refrain from keeping so far away from him. All he wants is to do us good.
Prayer:O sweet Jesus teach us your works and your plans. Let our hearts desire you and pant after you even as the deer pants after the water brooks. Amen!
“For he satisfies the longing heart and fills the hungry soul with goodness”
Psalms 107:9
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Clara Ify

Amen! Bless u dear


Amen to the prayer

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