AWAKE THE DAWN: Amour Sans fins (Unending love)

This morning, we join Hillsong united to sing about God’s endless love. No matter the differences man creates in the world, when it comes to worshipping God there are no barriers. God created us all and put in us a heart of love. As love does not know any language, so also worshipping God in the beauty of holiness knows no boundary. Are you a believer in Christ Jesus? Then give me your hand as we celebrate the endless love of God.

No silver or gold lord. No other treasure could get me away from you. Not love for myself, not self pity, not suffering, heartaches, trials; neither what anyone could give me…nothing is like your grace that saved me… I am looking for you today and forever as I come to your feet. Humbly, I stand before your Majesty. In you Lord I know I have found everything…


No silver or gold 
Aucun argent ni or 

No other treasure 
Aucun autre trésor 

Couldn’t get me away from Your heart 
Ne pourrait m’éloigner de Ton coeur 

Nor love for myself 
Ni l’amour pour moi-même 

Or that others would give me
Ou que d’autres me donneraient

Nothing is like Your grace that saved me 
Rien n’est semblable à Ta grâce qui m’a sauvé 


I’m looking for You today and forever
Je Te recherche aujourd’hui et à jamais
As i am 
Tel que je suis 

I come to Your feet 
Je viens à Tes pieds 

Humbly I stand before Your majesty 
Humblement je me tiens devant Ta majesté 

In You I know 
En Toi je sais 

That i found everything 
Que j’ai tout trouvé 

In Your endless love 
Dans Ton amour sans fin 

In Your endless love
Dans Ton amour sans fin
Abandoning my pride 
Délaissant mon orgueil 

I give up my desires 
J’abandonne mes désirs 
Adore you in spirit, in truth 
T’adore en esprit, en vérité 

Beyond my dreams 
Au-delà de mes rêves 

In all glory, Lord I seek you
De toute gloire, Seigneur je Te chehe

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The Judge

Thank God

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I loveee

Clara Ify

He is great indeed


Great one

Clara Ify

It's just awesome dear


Beautiful. I love

Clara Ify

Awww thanks beloved

Clara Ify

You can say that again

Clara Ify

So am I dear..
Its pure Bliss

Clara Ify

Thanks beloved
All glory to our God

Faith ojone adama

My new favorite blog 🔥


Wow! I love the lyrics!

Am enjoying the lyrics!


Aweeeesome! Glory! 🔥

I love this new theme.

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